• Jordan Sherman

Crisis Communications: Is it a headache or a heart attack?

Updated: Sep 22

What should be in your crisis communications plan?

In today's edition of our Move the Stairs Friday Chat, the entire M&C Communications Team was on hand to answer those questions to the best of our ability and talk about how communicating during difficult times is an integral part of our Brand Protection Tool.

Here's an outline of what we discussed

  • What's a crisis? Are you having an issue or a crisis? How do you prevent an issue from becoming a crisis?

  • What's the difference between a crisis plan and a crisis outline? We walk you through our free downloadable crisis outline to get the gears turning on your company or brand's crisis plan.

  • We discussed how our collective decades of journalism gives our clients an advantage because we know what media will want while covering a crisis and where the story will go after the initial crisis calms

  • Lastly, we discussed what we have in our M&C "go bag." Trust me, we've thought of just about everything.

For all of your crisis communications questions, feel free to visit our website MandCCommunications.com!

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