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Hempitecture's Mattie Mead on Building an Industrial Hemp Success Story

The state of industrial hemp is in constant flux. New hemp-based products are rolling out nearly every day, but scaling up, educating and developing new customers, and getting products to market are challenges Hempitecture's Mattie Meads is wrestling with- and winning.

Mattie attributes his business success to his ability to take "simple steps" to achieve his goals. From turning first-time clients into lifetime customers to his willingness to share his company's "green" goals for the environment with the media and new business ideas in the pipeline, Mattie showcases the spirit of Brand Protection PR™

You can listen to the whole 30-minute conversation on the Move the Stairs™ podcast with Mattie here.

Or, get right to it with Mattie's top three Move the Stairs™ takeaways:


Move the Stairs Moment 1: Let your hemp products do the talking

Building (pun intended) customer loyalty with industrial hemp is tough! Brands like Hemptecture need to convince architects and developers that their product stands up as well as traditional building materials while justifying potentially higher costs. Mattie explains what he's done to position his company to succeed in convincing people to use his products.

Move the Stairs Moment 2: Use LinkedIn to tell your hemp story

Recall our guest from Move the Stairs Episode 64, CNN's Christian DuChateau who told us a great way to touch base with national network producers is to use LinkedIn. This method worked for Mattie. Could it work for you too?

Move the Stairs Moment 3: For every problem in hemp, there's a solution

What keeps you up at night when it comes to threats to your hemp, CBD, or medical marijuana brand? Here's a better question, what are you doing about it? Developing a resilient brand means putting serious thought into these scenarios, no matter how improbable they may seem. Mattie calls this Hempitecture's problem/solution paradigm.

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