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A CNN editor shares how to nab national news coverage of your cannabis brand!

We've all watched national news programs and seen people interviewed who are representing a brand that's relatively unknown. They could be from a mom-and-pop shop, a regional chain, or just an independent business that's not publicly traded. How on Earth does someone's brand that's so small get airtime on a platform that reaches an audience that ranges in the hundreds of thousands (live on TV) to millions (online)?

Christian DuChateau is a row producer at CNN with more than two decades of experience. On our latest Move the Stairs podcast episode, Christian explained that the formula to getting your CBD, hemp, or medical marijuana brand on a national news network like CNN isn't as complicated as you think. He says you can follow three easy pieces of advice:

  • Be a news junkie

  • Get ahead of the story

  • Understand the Venn diagram of news

You can listen to the whole 30-minute conversation on the Move the Stairs™ podcast with Christian here.

Or, get right to it with Christian's top three Move the Stairs™ takeaways:


Move the Stairs Moment 1: Be a regular news consumer

Do not watch cable news 24/7, unless you're a glutton for punishment. Do be aware of what is making national headlines. Remember, your brand appearing as a source on any news outlet is a mutually beneficial relationship. You need to be able to answer the questions that are relevant to what news stories news organizations are covering.

Move the Stairs Moment 2: Forecast the future of news

This is not as daunting as it may seem, especially if you're already taking Christian's advice from above. You should already know what networks are following in their news coverage. How can your brand contribute? Reach out now so that when your brand can contribute to their coverage later, they'll call! Christian explains how.

Move the Stairs Moment 3: Topics all media outlets are interested in (and YOU can speak to!)

What's a piece of low-hanging fruit guaranteed to be discussed AT LEAST once per month on all major network news platforms? The economy! Your company's relationship with the economy is just one example of how you can offer expertise in a subject that's always important. Christian outlined what other major topics could receive national news coverage during 2022 that you can contribute to now and later.

Want more? Subscribing to the Move the Stairs podcast is easy! It's free and available on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon! For all others, just search, "Move the Stairs!" If you like the content you hear, please leave us a rating or a review. Click here to be added to our mailing list so you never miss a new podcast release!

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