• Sarah Fairfield

What exactly does a virtual assistant do? I can tell you!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

My name is Sarah Fairfield and I want to tell you about how I am lucky enough to work as a virtual assistant. This career provides flexibility because I am able to do several tasks throughout my day, all in the comfort of my home.

I’m able to not only expand my knowledge in a new field, but I get to work with great people who are available to help me build my skills while learning about a new profession.

As a virtual assistant, my workday is made up of all types of tasks from researching reporters, gathering contact information, sending emails, booking meetings. I can keep going but you get the idea.

Doing all this allows me to learn many different sides of the media; things that I was never aware of before this job. Examples include learning how an anchor and reporter work, where to find information to contact major businesses or even locating a CEO’s contact information.

It allows me to use the skills that I have, and to improve those skills. This job has challenged me to use my experience in new ways and has helped me continue to learn something new every day. I am challenged to be proactive and show initiative to get the job done.

During the COVID-19 virus, having a job that allows me to work from home is a blessing. I have the opportunity to continue to make money and feel secure and many people don’t have this opportunity.

It also allows me to save money so I don’t spend it on gas or going out to eat. It gives me time to cook and take care of things I wouldn’t normally have the time to do if I was driving to a job. In many ways, being a virtual assistant has made my life easier.

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