Pitch the Plastic

M&C Communications' Sarah Beatty has a lovely cup of tea and a chat (or is that a chin-wag?) with Lucy Fennings, a freelance editor in the UK. Together, they talk about how the #PitchthePlastic campaign started. Plus, you'll get a sneak peek at the 3 things both gals always have in their bags to avoid plastic use on-the-go. What are your favorite tricks for avoiding throwaway plastic use? Let us know!

Alamo Drafthouse

M&C's Big Idea celebrates the people and businesses making a difference in the effort to #pitchtheplastic. Take a look at this big idea by Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, that both reduces plastic use and helps aid plastic clean up in the ocean! M&C Communications gives a huge shout out to Alamo Drafthouse and our friend Maurece for making a difference!



Research Interviews

M&C's Big Idea is a #PitchthePlastic campaign. After researching media articles, social media, and associated hashtags, the next step to chat with people who are trying to #PitchthePlastic as well: what are they doing? What are their challenges? What changes have they made to make pitching the plastic possible? We'll show you how all this information makes it into the PR plan for the campaign! Plus, find out what Sarah uses that giant plastic apple container for - all in Part 2 of our #PitchthePlastic vlog: M&C's Big Idea.


M&C's Big Idea continues with research: how and where we researched the issue of plastic waste. Research is the first step in building a powerful PR strategy using RPIE: Research, Plan, Implement, Evaluate. Join M&C principal Diane Mulligan and PR Director Sarah Beatty as they explain how to use research to build the foundation of a powerful PR strategy, and find out what they found when they started looking into the issue of plastic waste.

M&C Pitches the Plastic!


We're coming up on our 10th anniversary in 2019! In celebration, we would like to do something special that we are calling Our Big Idea.

What's The Big Idea? Pitch the Plastic! We're pulling back the curtain to show you how a successful pro bono PR Campaign is organized and executed. However, we aren't doing this alone. Our colleagues across the pond in the UK are joining us as well and a handful of our clients. More importantly, we hope that YOU will join us in this adventure as we embark on changing the world by reducing the use of plastic. Are you in? If so, sign up to receive our  monthly updates and evaluations of our process.

We will be using a couple processes that we would like to familiarize you with now: