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2017 PRSA Colorado Gold Pick Winner


2017 PRSA Colorado Gold Pick Winner

Rocky Ford Growers Association responds to a crisis and grows consumer loyalty along with the world's sweetest cantaloupe


Longtime Coloradans and some members of the local media remember the listeria issue of 2011, which wasn't caused by Rocky Ford Cantaloupe but was associated with the Rocky Ford name. M&C partnered with RFGA to correct the association between its melons and listeria through positive coverage of the Association’s food safety protocols, family farms, stewardship, and quality.



M&C helped reintroduce Rocky Ford Cantaloupe to both new and longtime Colorado consumers through a focus on creating new ways to enjoy Rocky Ford Cantaloupe (including the "Worth the Wait Rocky Ford Cantaloupe Gose" beer), driving media coverage through unique partnerships, RFGA’s use of new technology, environmental stewardship, the challenges of farming, and the family farming tradition, and harnessing the power of social media to reinforce RFGA messaging, events to create a digital community.


  • 38 broadcast mentions earning 626,400 impressions  

  • 133 digital mentions earning 8.64 million impressions 

  • 28k percent increase over 2016 impressions

  • 864,310 social impressions

  • Melon crop sold out at a premium price

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