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Building a CBD business takes blood, sweat and tears, as the saying goes – but do you have reputation protection? ... the 3 main components to manage your reputation and protect your CBD business are:

  1. Build customer loyalty and trust.

  2. Create a reputation-safety action plan.

  3. Figure out what is next.


- Diane Mulligan, M&C Communications President and Founder, Hemp Industry Daily, August 17, 2020

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Are you looking for a strategic CBD public relations partner to help tell your brand story and grow your business? At M&C Communications, we specialize in Brand Protection PR™: setting your CBD oil business apart from the crowd and developing a reservoir of trust and goodwill. Our public relations plans harness the power telling your story to build relationships, proactively manage the media, and build your brand through strategic messaging on social channels and owned media.

Building Bulletproof CBD PR Strategies

Missteps can cost your CBD company money, customers, and reputation. That’s where M&C’s Brand Protection PR™ focus can help you build a bulletproof CBD PR strategy for your business so you don’t feel like you are building your business in the wild, wild west of CBD.

M&C Communications will help you build a community of loyal CBD customers through strategic messaging on social, traditional, and owned media. It’s critical to work with a team that can help you navigate the confusing tangle of regulation surrounding the emerging CBD market.

Become a Media Relations Master to Grow Your CBD Brand

Media relations is more than getting your message in the newspaper or on TV. It’s building relationships with the journalists who are covering the CBD industry, positioning your unique experience as a thought leader, and developing a reputation as a sought-after expert that the media will reach out to again and again for perspective on CBD issues.

We’ll teach you how to handle tricky interview questions through M&C’s unique Insider Media Relations™ media training program. These strategies were developed through years of experience our team gained as journalists in local markets to network newsrooms. 

Tap into M&C’s experience working in- and with- the media to feel confident and ready to handle any interview. Learning how to be approachable and transparent when talking about your CBD business and how to steer the conversation when things get challenging helps build trust with your audience and solid relationships with the media. 

Conquer Crisis Communications to Build a Sustainable CBD Business

Every business owner can tell you what keeps them up at night: the thought of years of hard work and success destroyed in moments due to a crisis. In the rapidly changing CBD industry, a solid Brand Protection PR™ crisis communications plan should be part of the cost of doing business. You don’t think twice about insuring your business against fire or theft, but what about insuring your reputation? Your reputation is the reason your customers come to you over your competition. Part of M&C’s Brand Protection PR™ process is making sure our clients have a strategy for predicting crises, building a reservoir of trust and goodwill with their audiences, and planning for what do do and say (or not!) when the unexpected happens.

CBD companies can also tap into our proprietary Brand Protection Tool that helps companies identify issues that are on the horizon and develop forward-thinking crisis communication plans to help protect your business. The Brand Protection™ Tool process brings your entire team to the table to brainstorm, understand each department’s role, and craft a unified response to identify business threats.

M&C’s robust CBD PR crisis communication strategies help businesses prepare for the inevitable bumps in the road and manage them before they become roadblocks to your growing business. 

Loud AND Clear: Master the Message to Move the Message

There are days when it feels like no one’s listening, no one’s engaging on social media, no one’s clicking on your website. Your product may be amazing, but is your thriving CBD business at the center of the right conversations? How do you get there? It’s time to get your messaging in gear!

M&C is a master of messaging, whether it’s on your social media channels, your website, your email newsletter, in a media interview or showcasing your unique approach in a thought leadership strategy. You don’t have to be everywhere at once, you just have to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message most importantly, talking to the right target audience. 

That’s mastering the message to move your CBD PR strategy forward.

Strategic Companies Put a CBD PR Professional at the Leadership Table

We get it: building a thriving CBD business takes drive, dedication and total focus. CBD PR can seem like one more thing you just can’t get to. That’s where M&C Communications can help. Our goal is to become part of your team, a trusted voice and expert perspective.


Building a strong foundation and a strategic business model that will thrive and grow for years to come should be high on the list for every CBD company. A busy startup can miss important steps and land in a vulnerable position in the midst of trying to establish brand awareness and get the production operation rolling smoothly. Part of every successful business strategy should be retaining the services of an experienced and reliable PR firm, one that can help build and retain the trust in your business and loyalty among your consumers. M&C Communications can help you develop a robust and responsive CBD PR strategy that delivers on Brand Protection PR™ and your business goals.



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