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Dr. Zogg's Amazing CBD

Dr. Zogg's Amazing CBD builds its brand and customer base through a targeted social media campaign and innovative partnerships

Challenge: Dr. Zogg’s Amazing CBD must stay compliant with rapidly-changing federal regulation landscape and expand its audience through targeted social media campaigns and innovative partnerships putting its products in front of target audiences.

Plan: M&C helps Dr. Zogg's design a social media kickoff campaign to educate interested consumers on incorporating 

THC-free CBD spray into an active, healthy self-care lifestyle. Partnerships with local retailers and sporting outlets help bring CBD into mainstream health and wellness conversations.

Results: A targeted, methodical social media campaign and vendor partnerships helped launch Dr. Zogg's into retail sales, featuring:

  • 102,000+ social media impressions

  • 3,800+ message engagements during 3-month campaign

  • ~400 click-throughs to access more product information 

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