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In An Uncertain World, Put The Brand Protection PR™ Team In Your Corner

Are you looking for ways to build trust with your community? Maybe you've got a great story to tell about your brand or company but can't get any traction. Are you struggling to grow your customer base and brand loyalty?


M&C Communications knows that good communication is the heart of every successful business. We're a trusted partner in helping clients communicate effectively to customers, employees, partners, and the media. We build powerful, strategic public relations plans based on our clients’ business goals.

How Can We Help?

Get started with one of our Brand Protection PR™ packages.

Crisis Management

M&C Communications helps you manage all phases of a crisis situation. We use a proprietary system called the Strategic Forecasting Tool to help you prepare for the most likely- and damaging- scenarios. Then we work with you to create a management plan to protect your business and reputation and rebuild trust with your audience.

Integrated Public Relations

M&C Communications integrates with your marketing team to help move the needle on your SEO, marketing and business goals through strategic public relations plans that reach your target audience.

Community Relations

M&C Communications develops strategic messaging and outreach plans to help you communicate effectively and build partnerships with your target audiences.

Marketing Communications

M&C Communications aligns proven public relations strategies with your business goals, defining success using metrics that make sense to you and your board or shareholders. We help your message resonate with the specific audience that will help you reach your goals.

Public Relations

M&C Communications works with you to design and execute a powerful strategic public relations plan that takes advantage of all available communications channels: paid, earned, shared/social, and owned media.

Media Relations

M&C Communications helps showcase your story to your target audience through earned media placements in local, regional, and national outlets and niche publications.

Employee Relations

M&C Communications’ award-winning internal communications programs have exceeded client goals in on-boarding and retaining employees. We’ll help you develop a culture that creates communities- from focus groups to social media programs to continual employee interaction.

Social Media Planning and Execution

M&C Communications design social media content plans and content tailored to each channel. We use industry-leading social media management software to effectively measure social media ROI and put your content in front of the largest audience.

Content Creation

M&C Communications is your expert content creation team. We excel at helping you tell your story in various media: videos, podcasts, white papers, editorials, blogs, webinars, and more. Then we strategically deploy your content over multiple channels with your target audiences in mind, spreading your message far and wide.

Media Training

M&C Communications offers in-person and on-camera media training to help you feel confident and prepared for every interview. Our Insider Media Relations coaching process helps you handle tough questions, keep your cool, and advance your message.

Internal Communications

M&C Communications helps you communicate effectively with your internal audiences to help you develop and retain employees.

Special Events

M&C Communications creates engaging events tailored to your audience with an eye toward creating experiences that grab the attention of your target media and lead to earned coverage.

We Offer Packaged Services That Get You
Moving In The Right Direction:

​M&C Communications is committed to: 


Second-to-none public relations services, CBD public relations, crisis forecasting, public relations consulting, and training for our clients.

Ethical interactions with clients, colleagues, and media partners based on the PRSA Code of Ethics.

Partnerships as trusted communications advisors to our clients through an in-depth understanding of each client’s business and goals.

Excellent communication and results.

Cutting-edge technology and continually building on our skills with professional development.

Mutually beneficial relationships with our extensive set of media and professional contacts.

Cultivating a culture of camaraderie, mutual respect, and a positive approach to our work.

PR Brief

Tap into M&C’s Brand Protection™ strategies to help grow and protect your organization. We’ll partner with you to align strategic public relations goals with your business goals to create a powerful outreach program to put your organization front and center. This package includes:

  • 2-hour prep video call

  • Year-long PR plan

  • Competitive messaging analysis

  • Media training 

  • Social media analysis & content template

  • Key messages and general outreach

  • Press release template

  • Boilerplate

  • Fact sheet

  • Company/leader bios

  • Multimedia materials

  • 1-hour plan review video call

Digital Listening Tool


Business changes by the minute. You need to know what’s being said about your organization online and in the media in real time. Stay on top of your brand in a constantly changing environment with M&C's digital.

toolbox! This package includes:

  • Choose up to 5 keywords to scan digital news, broadcast news and social media

  • Get real-time access to what people are saying about your brand

  • Geolocation source monitoring

  • Emotional comparison

  • Top hashtags

  • Daily or weekly reports sent to your inbox

Insider Media Relations™ Media Training 


Feel confident and ready for any interview with M&C's Insider Media Relations™ media training! Insider Media Relations™ training will help you weather the storm and prepare you to grow your business through rock-solid media relations.

Our 3-hour one-on-one video training will teach you how to:

  •  Answer relevant questions

  • Develop quotes that get used

  • Protect your brand's message 

  • Handle tough questions from the media

  • Bridge to your message

  • Flag important points

  • Build beneficial relationships with media and your customers

Brand Protection Tool™ Package


We live in an uncertain world where crises can impact our brand, reputation, or bottom line in a split second. It can feel overwhelming. Where do you start?


M&C Communications has developed the Brand Protection Tool™ to help you focus on your three most vulnerable areas, so you can make the most of your crisis management plans.


The M&C Communications’ Brand Protection Tool™ helps you to start thinking through the unthinkable: likely crisis scenarios and how your response can help protect your business. Think of it as insurance that protects your brand. 

The Brand Protection™ Tool package includes:


  • A 4-hour Brand Protection™ Tool work session with your C-suite or directors to identify the top three crises most likely to affect your brand

  • Production of crisis management checklist for each likely crisis scenario

  • A 4-hour Brand Protection™ Tool follow-up work session with your C-suite or directors to create a powerful crisis response team and management plan for each likely crisis scenario

  • Team-building training to develop interdisciplinary team response to each likely crisis scenario

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