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You build your CBD business. We'll help you protect it with Brand Protection PR


Brand Protection PR™ helps you level up your CBD business, taking the steps other people might not to build customer loyalty, nurture great relationships with the media, and build a resilient CBD brand.


Building customer loyalty: we help you create communities of loyal fans and active brand advocates.​


Mastering Insider Media Relations™: our experience as local and network journalists helps you navigate the media landscape and take advantage of every media opportunity.

Creating a resilient brand: we help you find the opportunity in every challenge, polish your reputation and prepare for the unexpected with durable crisis communications plans.​

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How can we help build your CBD business?

Build customer loyalty

Do you want to cultivate a loyal community, create protect your brand, and improve your bottom line?

Master Insider Media Relations™

Do you want to position yourself and your CBD brand as a thought leader and handle every media interview with confidence?

Create a resilient brand

Are you awake at night worrying about protecting your CBD business but don't know where to start with a crisis communications plan?

The Move the Stairs CBD business podcast!

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"M&C Communications is professional and one of the best in the industry. They understand public relations and how to get ahead of the issues. They do their research and come prepared for every meeting and/or discussion.  Over the last several years we have used them on a couple of issues and due to their expertise the City was able to manage through in a positive manner. I highly recommend M&C Communications."


Denise Howell

City Administrator,

City of Manitou Springs