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You build your CBD business. We'll help you protect it with Brand Protection PR™

Brand Protection PR™ helps you level up your CBD business, taking the steps other people might not to build customer loyalty, nurture great relationships with the media, and build a resilient CBD brand.


In an uncertain world, put the Brand Protection PR™ team in your corner

Are you looking for ways to build trust with your community? Maybe you've got a great story to tell about your brand or company but can't get any traction. Are you struggling to grow your customer base and brand loyalty?

CBD Brand Protection PR

CBD business apart from the crowd and developing a reservoir of trust and goodwill by developing client relationships, proactively managing the media, and building your brand through powerful strategic messaging.

Crisis Communications

We live in an uncertain world where a crisis can damage your brand, reputation or business in a split second. It could be something you see coming, or just as often, something out of left field you never anticipated. 

Media Relations & Training

At M&C Communications, we believe that knowing how to effectively work with the media and handle the media spotlight with confidence and grace are important components of protecting your brand.

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How Can We Help Build Your CBD Business?

Build Customer Loyalty

Do you want to cultivate a loyal community, create protect your brand, and improve your bottom line?

Master Insider Media Relations™

Do you want to position yourself and your CBD brand as a thought leader and handle every media interview with confidence?

Create A Resilient Brand

Are you awake at night worrying about protecting your CBD business but don't know where to start with a crisis communications plan?

M&C's Accreditations, Awards, & Certifications

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