Move the Stairs Resources

Building an Event Plan

Use this template to plan your next event of use it as a basis for your brand's PR plan!

Harness the Power of the 4 C's

Supercharge your communication by harnessing the power of the 4 C's!

Content Calendar Organizer

This monthly content map will help you organize your social media strategy away

Media Training Best Practices

Media training is the art of learning how to effectively manage an interview. Get ready to look and feel your best and communicate effectively with M&C's media training best practices cheat sheet!

Brand Building During Rapid Cultural Change

Communication is always a challenge, especially when you need to convey difficult messages or ask for compliance. At M&C Communications, we help clients learn how to move the stairs and develop messages to create results: change, compliance, action, whatever the goal may be.

Brand Protection™ Tool

Use this Brand Protection™ Tool to get started on a crisis communications plan that will help protect your brand.

Audience Analyzer

Use this analyzer to know who you’re talking to, what media they consume, where they spend time online, and how to reach them with meaningful content that will resonate with them.

5-Step Crisis Outline Sheet

Organize your crisis planning thoughts by answering 5 simple questions!

3 Steps for a Successful Social Takeover

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience, especially now while travel and interaction is limited. A social media takeover is a great way to connect with your audience. We'll walk you through the steps for creating a successful social media takeover!

Supercharge Your Thought Leadership Plan

Use the three simple steps outlined below to spark your creativity and ignite your own thought leadership plan.

Event Coverage Planner

Use this sheet to strategize ways to earn knockout coverage of your next event and supercharge your PR goals!

Communicate Clearly With the M&C 3

Social media can be a great place to connect directly with your audience, but a poor choice of words or a poorly thought-out post can also trigger the digital pitchfork-and-torches mob. Learn who your 3 C's are.

Make Great-Looking Social Media Videos

Tap into our Insider Media Relations™ video production expertise to learn the 4-star approach to making great-looking social media videos.

Stay Ahead of What's Happening In Your Industry

Communications will help you
round up information,
communicate it clearly and
apply the regulations to shine up
Brand Protection for your CBD
industry business!

Will An Interview Help or Hurt?

Answer these questions easily and you determine that an interview is in the best interest for your brand

News Cycle Analyzer

Use this sheet to analyze what’s happening in the news right now to determine if it’s the right time to pitch your story!

Build Your Brand Protection Team

If you've been in business long enough, you're sure to have weathered a bump or two in the road. You know that a crisis plan can help your recover your reputation when something goes wrong. Get a head start on your crisis plan with our Brand Protection™ strategies to recover and rebuild your reputation.

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