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Build Your Brand While Working From Home

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

What a world we live in: office buildings are empty, freeways are vacant. Yet, millions of people are still working. How? The majority of “non-essential” Americans are now working from home, thanks to the internet and all the cloud-based technologies that are keeping us connected right now. We’re all adapting to the circumstances and making the best of the current situation to help create the best outcomes for our clients (we call that moving the stairs), but staying connected to colleagues while working from home can come with a steep learning curve.

First, some basics: do you know how to use the technology? Knowing how to mute your phone or computer microphone and turn off your laptop camera can help prevent embarrassing mishaps and keep from irritating colleagues on a video conference call. After all, it’s usually only the annual company party where your personal and professional lives collide. (Just kidding! We don’t recommend that either, but that’s a blog post for another day…)

Now that we live the virtual life Monday through Friday, 9-5, how do you make sure that you and your company stand out for your professionalism? Branding your video background can go a long way toward colleagues, clients and potential customers seeing you as a can-do professional.

At M&C Communications, we’re all working remotely from our home offices, back bedrooms, and kitchen tables right now, but one thing you’ll see in the background of all our video calls is our company branding. Whether we’re working virtually or at our office, you’ll always see the “M&C” tin letters in the background of our calls. It’s an easy, inexpensive and creative way to brand your company while working from home, whether you have the space for a home office or not. The letters cost roughly $15 each and are available online.

And keep in mind: framing is EVERYTHING. Make sure the background behind your shot and the desktop in the foreground are clean, organized, and clutter-free. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the room, desk or kitchen table looks like as long as what’s on camera is clean and professional. Also, to avoid the “witness protection” look, avoid sitting in front of a window. Laptop and computer cameras auto-adjust to the brightest light in a frame and your face will disappear. Not quite the look you’re going for while working from home, right?

Companies will be defined by innovation, creativity, and attention to detail during this crisis. Taking the time to make sure your digital appearance is professional, and thinking outside of the box during times of uncertainty can prove your worth to colleagues and clients alike.

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