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Brand-Building Messaging During Rapid Cultural Change

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Messaging during rapid cultural change, whether you are talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Me Too Movement, the mask mandates vs First Amendment rights controversy or other hot-button issues, how you communicate with your employees, clients, and colleagues is extremely important.

Maybe you're asking yourself how can I help the Black Lives Matter movement or how can my business support Black Lives Matter? Perhaps you're thinking about the best ways to increase diversity in your own workplace. Maybe you're not sure if you should say- or do-


Communication is always a challenge, especially when you need to convey difficult messages or ask for compliance. At M&C Communications, we help clients learn how to move the stairs and develop messages to create results: change, compliance, action, whatever the goal may be.

Jump into the discussion in today's Move the Stairs vlog, and make sure to grab the downloadable 1-sheet with tips and links to lots of wonderful experts resources for thinking about how to authentically communicate a brand-building message during a period of rapid cultural change.

Move the Stairs July 17 Downloadable_ Cu
Download • 80KB


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