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CBD public relations

Do you need an insightful public relations strategy to help build your CBD business and improve your bottom line through creative messaging tactics, fresh ideas, and exciting events? Whether you're a B-to-B or B-to-C company, M&C Communications can help you build communities of loyal CBD product customers through strategic messaging on social, traditional, and owned media. Become an expert at working with the media through our unique Insider Media Relations™ media training program honed through our years as working journalists. Head off a crisis before it happens with our unique Brand Protection Tool™ that helps companies identify issues and develop forward-thinking crisis communication plans to help protect your business reputation and rebuild trust with your customers.

Crisis communications

Do you lie awake at night thinking about all the things that could go wrong for your business? Do you need a crisis communications plan but don't know how to get started? M&C Communications helps manage all phases of a challenging situation with our proprietary system called the Brand Protection Tool™. We'll help you prepare a strategic crisis communications plan to handle the most likely- and damaging- scenarios. Then we work with you and your team to create a proactive crisis communications plan to protect your business reputation and rebuild trust with your audience.

Media relations & training

Does the thought of talking to the media make your knees go wobbly? Do you need to build an effective media relations strategy and don't know where to start? M&C Communications can help! We call it Insider Media Relations™. We're a team of former journalists who lived and breathed the daily news cycle inside newsrooms from small markets to the national news desk in New York City. We use our insight and experience to help our clients build a powerful media relations strategy and manage any interview with grace and authority.

Need a powerful public relations strategy? We can help with that. 

Let us put our know-how, our moxie, our tenacity and our gumption to work solving your biggest public relations challenges. We call it moving the stairs. You'll call it success. It'll be fun!

We're your Insider Media Relations experts

Whether you need to build your skills in talking to the media or create an effective media relations plan from scratch, M&C Communications can help demystify the challenge of working with media to get your story noticed. We know just how to do it because we're all former journalists who know what life is like and how the decisions get made inside a newsroom.

We place your content everywhere

Do you have a great story to tell but don't know where to start? M&C Communications can help you create great content and share it everywhere! We boost awareness and engagement through videos, podcasts, webinars, blog posts and social media and share it on outlets that boost your business goals.

We're your public relations partners

Are you looking for a strategic public relations partner to help tell your brand story and grow your business? At M&C Communications, we become an extension of your team, advancing your goals through strategic public relations plans that make your vision a reality. Whether you're in the CBD oil industry, real estate or hospitality/tourism industry, or a healthcare nonprofit making the world brighter,

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