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What You Don't Know About National & Local Placements for Your CBD Brand

How do you get your story picked up by local news stations and nationwide? It turns out there are very different tactics to deploy to earn placements for your CBD brand that every business owner should know.

On our newest episode of the Move the Stairs podcast, Maya Saenz, Scripps News National's segment producer, offers behind-the-scenes insights that can help you develop everything from industry etiquette with reporters to an irresistible story offering that resonates with their viewers and your stakeholders.

You can listen to our conversation on the Move the Stairs™ podcast here. Or check out our top three Move the Stairs™ takeaways from our discussion with Maya below.


Move the Stairs Moment 1: Social media is not just a place to build customer loyalty

One thing we always advise our clients is to get to know your local media members. Even just 15 minutes of research each day can help you lay the groundwork for developing a robust, mutually beneficial relationship. Maya explains how.

Move the Stairs Moment 2: The more you learn about reporters, the better positioned you'll be pitching

Maya explains how doing some digging online can help you better understand who a reporter is based on their interests, where they've lived, what types of journalism they enjoy covering, and more. And it's all free online. Listen how.

Move the Stairs Moment 3: Don't wait for news to break, be the one to break the news

If you're sitting on a piece of news you can use but it's not necessarily in the headlines every day, don't wait! Pitch it because your piece of news may be what breaks the log jam and leads to a national placement! Maya offers an example above.

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