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Employees First: How to Protect Your Brand and Build Trust With Employees During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It's a new day. We are starting the discussion about slowly and deliberately reopening the country.

What is your plan for welcoming back your employees and customers? Have you thought about your messages to them? What channels are you using: email, text, video? Let's walk through ways your can protect your brand and build trust, starting with your employees.

Brand Protection™ Step 1

How Leaders Can Communicate During COVID-19

Let’s start with your employees. We have heard so many stories about employees learning about their company plans through social media posts or on the news. Are you making sure your employees are hearing directly from you?

We know that communicating how much you value your employees is key to a strong culture. Here are just a few things they want to know as they come back to the workplace:

  • What precautions are you taking to keep them safe?

  • Is working from home an option?

  • What has to be done before they come back to the office?

  • Many schools will not be reopening- how will you help your employees with children?

  • Will some employees be able to still work from home?

  • How will you recognize those people who are going to continue working from home?

  • Are you ordering any “welcome back” momentos: a t-shirt, customized face masks or other items?

  • Are you planning a welcome back ceremony?

Brand Protection™ Step 2

How to Communicate with Clients and Customers During COVID-19

Your customers also want to know about specific safety precautions you’re using. It’s also a great time to talk about how you are taking care of your employees. Your customers need to know that you care and are on top of the latest information. Sharing this information is a great way to build your brand protection and encourage your customers to make a special effort to patronize your business. A recent study cited in Marketing Week showed that 92% of customers want companies to continue marketing, advertising, and reaching out through public relations.

It is in our DNA to want to help, especially to help those who are helping others. Tell the story of how you are doing your part to help reopen America safely, taking care of your team, and taking care of your customers.


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