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Getting back to work: watch this 6-minute video to harness the power of the three Cs

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The U.S. is starting the slow process of reopening. How that process looks depends on your state, county and sometimes even your part of town! It's a confusing time for both employer and employee alike. How do you even get started on a plan? Start with the 3 Cs: clear, consistent communication.

At M&C, we've been helping our clients navigate the process of when and how to welcome their employees back to work. We work with clients in many different industries, but they all have one very important thing in common: the need to communicate their reopening plan clearly and consistently, starting with their employees.


Social media continues to be a great way to reach your employees indirectly while building trust with your audience at large. According to research by App Annie, mobile app usage is up 20% in Q1 of 2020 compared to last year, thanks in large part to the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. In addition, Facebook continues to have the highest monthly active user rate of any app. It only makes sense to start the conversation with your employees where people are spending the most time: social media.

Clear, consistent communication (those 3 Cs!) is going to be so important in the coming weeks and months ahead as we all get back to work in a changed environment. There is a tremendous opportunity to build long-term loyalty among your employees and customers through transparent, authentic, and empathetic communication now.

To help you get started, take a look this quick video we pulled together. It's only six-and-a-half minutes and will help you start thinking about a plan to welcome your team back.

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