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Tackle 2021 CBD industry predictions with a 5-step Brand Protection PR™ plan

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

How do you prepare your PR Brand protection strategy and take advantage of 2021 trends in the CBD industry? Tap into our powerful 5-step plan based on our Insider Media Relations™ experience to build your own strategic 2021 PR plan. We’ve spent the year analyzing the most interesting CBD predictions, research, and current events that will help you build customer loyalty and protect your brand.

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Talking about the benefits of CBD without making any medical claims is still the greatest challenge

We hope the FDA will make some rulings and give guidance in 2021, but in the meantime, make sure you are not making any medical claims on your website or social media. Also, watch the comments from your raving fans. If they make specific medical claims, it is best to hide those comments as well.

Building a loyal CBD customer base is key

We are hearing that Amazon is considering entering the CBD market. Never is it more important for you to develop that loyal customer base. Using the 4 C’s (clear, compassionate, consistent, and conversational) outreach that educates and informs is a great strategy. You are the expert. That expertise garners trust and with all the changes in the CBD industry expected in 2021, become the go-to source for your customers. Remember, customers buy from brands they know, like and trust.

Tapping into the Boomer CBD market

So many companies are focusing on the millennial market with their CBD outreach. Don’t forget the Boomers. This group has discretionary income and is looking for more natural remedies for pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Also, remember that women make most of the health decisions in the home.

Riding the big CBD companies' marketing coattails

Most experts and researchers are predicting the CBD beverage market will explode in 2021. Pet products are also a fast-growing segment of the CBD product line. The adage a rising tide lifts all boats is applicable here. Bottom line, make sure you are positioned on your website and with your local media to be an expert in CBD. Take advantage of the increasing interest in the market as these major players start to put additional funds into marketing budgets for their CBD products. The more they talk about CBD the better it is for you.

Staying up-to-date on cannabidiol compounds

Make sure you are ahead of the curve and keeping up with the latest research, especially the impacts of CBG (inflammation), CBC(anxiety), and CBN (sleep).

Always have your Certificate of Analysis (COA) information readily available and if possible, have a medical advisor involved with your company.

AND, make sure to have easily updated social media messaging and press releases ready to go in the background in case there are challenges, issues, or crises with your company or in the industry.


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