• Jordan Sherman

Preventing Your Messaging From Being Hidden Behind a Mask

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Masks are the latest controversy many business owners are trying to navigate. Wearing masks is a policy that's been in place in some states for months and in others only for days. Meanwhile, on the corporate front, some companies have required them for even longer than state or local governments!

As a business owner, we can imagine how confusing this must be for you. Whether you are a small business and relying on local guidance from your county health department or you are involved in a larger multi-state company chain with policy coming from a corporate office, it's been very difficult navigating mixed messaging from top health officials behind masks.

For instance, many people ask Does Kohl's or Target require masks? One is an "essential" nationwide retailer while the other is not, however, the questions remain the same. With people not always being aware of what local health ordinances are and the early steps corporate America took (ahead of many local/state health officials) in mask policy, it's not surprising that trends show consumers are searching for whether or not their "go-to" retailer requires masks, compared to if their state requires masks.

That opens up a potential opportunity for your business and brand to thoughtfully craft and implement your mask policy. In today's edition of the Move the Stairs Friday Chat, we will explore the short history of mask policy from top health officials, help you get a plan together for your policy (or fine-tune your existing policy), offer our strategies in confrontation as we break down a real-life example of staff enforcing mask policy and finally teach you how to thoughtfully implement your policy.

Jump into the discussion in today's Move the Stairs vlog, and make sure to grab the downloadable 1-sheet with tips and links to lots of wonderful experts resources for thinking about how to authentically communicate a brand-building message during a period of rapid cultural change.

Cultural Change Messaging
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