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Using Education to bolster CBD Brand Protection

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Do you get tired of answering, “What is CBD used for?”

Recently, a CBD business owner told me, "Everyone already knows about CBD." He continued saying he was moving his messaging away from the basics to educate instead on the different hemp plant compounds. I asked him, “Do you think the market is really ready to move away from the basics?”

Here’s some recent research to back up the importance of continually educating and reinforcing your CBD educational messages.

  • 58% of respondents didn't know the difference between CBD and THC-containing products such as marijuana.

  • Less than two-thirds of CBD users understood there was a difference between the compounds.

  • 36% expected the same type of high from CBD and marijuana

  • More than half the people in the survey who had not tried CBD say they will not use it for any reason.

How do you make CBD education interesting and informative?

Subject matter buckets are a great strategy to consistently come up with engaging content for your website or social media accounts. Buckets could include wellness pictures, CBD benefits (without any medical claims,) new research, new strains, new labeling, new products, and even new technology! Also, remember to have at least one fun post a week. Whether it is someone being active, relaxed, or even pet pictures tend to drive engagement with your social media followers.

Also, think about your target audience using M&C’s Target Audience Analyzer tool. What do they care about? Is there an audience other CBD companies aren’t targeting? Are you being inclusive in your outreach? Is there a specific community that isn’t being educated in your area? If you decided reaching out to an underserved audience is part of your mission, make sure you honor them, speak their language and if needed, bring in a credible 3rd party from that community to advise you.

Finally, keep your message simple. When addressing new topics, always include the basic message about CBD, using the same language. Remember, your message is competing with so many other messages and you want your message to stick in their minds.

The constant cadence of content will cement your message while increasing the opportunity for others to remember it and become brand ambassadors talking to their family and friends, and eventually drive traffic to your site. These are simple steps to develop audience loyalty and position you as a thought leader, both pillars of Brand Protection PR.

You can watch the entire video recap of our conversation below!


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