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Using the 4Cs of Communication to Share Complicated Clinical CBD Research and Build Brand Protection

Ten brand-new cannabis clinical research projects have been announced in Colorado with research expected to begin in July. The announcement gives CBD brands the opportunity to build Brand Protection PR™ with their stakeholders by sharing accurate, informative and useful information about the ongoing research.

The only thing missing is talking to the media about industry news like this. Learn how with our free downloadable here!

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Communicating CBD research to consumers

If you’ve read the recent announcement from the Institute of Cannabis Research, you’ll know that the 10 cannabis studies will hopefully provide much-needed insight into questions on how CBD can be used. While someone with a basic understanding of CBD may catch the general gist of these studies, the majority of your audience will not understand complicated research and what it means for them.

Your job is to tap into your Chief Medical Officer’s expertise to interpret the research and data and present it in a way your audience can understand. This outside-the-box content production differentiates your company from your competitors, builds your knowledge base surrounding cutting-edge cannabis research, and elevates your business above competitors.

Communicating cannabis research to media

M&C Communications specializes in media training so that when clients’ phone rings and a reporter is on the other end wanting to talk about a complicated topic, our clients are ready to explain it in a way everyone can understand. Reporters are trained to absorb information quickly, but few will have a background in cannabis clinical research. Our clients are trained to detect whether a reporter understands a topic after just the first few questions of an interview! If you help a reporter who’s a novice in CBD research cover the story accurately and look smart in the process, you’ve laid the groundwork for a productive and continuing relationship.

Another great way for brands to build thought leadership is to put together a simple fact sheet to send with a reporter who may not know much about CBD. Help them help you. Their job is to make sure they present an engaging factual story to their viewers. You can help showcase your brand’s core values as a trustworthy, transparent company by helping reporters be accurate and informative in their coverage of a topic they might not be familiar with.

A CBD crisis plan makes a positive outcome more likely

With CBD research still new, brands have to be thinking about the possibility of a clinical research project yielding negative results which could impact their brand. We work hard to help clients be prepared if problems arise.

It starts with being able to identify what’s an issue that requires monitoring versus a major problem that requires immediate action. Then, as their trusted advisors, we help clients build Brand Protection PR™ plans that will help protect their business. A short plan based on “if this happens, then we will do XYZ” will go a long way to preventing long-term damage to your brand.

Brand Protection PR™ isn’t just about making a sale, it’s about building a tribe of loyal customers, elevating your brand as an industry leader, and constantly refilling your “trust bottle” of goodwill to draw upon in case a major problem arises. How can we help you?

If you want to dive even deeper into the conversation, watch the video recap below!


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