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Crush the hemp crash with FSOil's Megan Duvall

Hemp companies watched as the price of their crops plummeted in 2020, leaving many of them no choice but to close their doors. They couldn't make any money! That wasn't the case for FSOil. Chief Business Officer for FSOil Megan Duvall attributes their success in challenging times to:

  • Developing authentic customer relationships

  • Engage with the media

  • Planning ahead- a key piece of Brand Protection PR™

You can listen to the whole 30-minute conversation on the Move the Stairs™ podcast with Megan here.

Or, get right to it with Megan's top three Move the Stairs™ takeaways:


Move the Stairs Moment 1: How authentic relationships create loyal CBD customers

When the hemp price crashed, FSOil relied on its strong customer relationships. In turn, the level of transparency they offered during that difficult time helped strengthen those relationships further.

Move the Stairs Moment 2: How media coverage can make your CBD business stand out

The willingness to talk about important industry topics can benefit your brand two-fold. People see your brand's name but also see your willingness to discuss important topics in the industry, positioning you as a thought leader.

Move the Stairs Moment 3: Build a CBD brand that can weather the storm with Brand Protection PR™

How do the decision-makers look to the future at your company? Megan says FSOil routinely plans for future uncertainty, especially when it comes to FDA regulations and how changes could impact industries that use any piece of the cannabis plant.

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