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What a cannabis biz reporter wants you to know

Denver Post Business Reporter Megan Ulu-Lani Boyanton was our most recent guest on the Move the Stairs Podcast. She opened up about what's new in journalism in 2022, how you can position your brand to be a reliable source for reporters like her, and what she's looking for in an expert interview.

Diversity Matters in 2022

Social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion are going to continue to be a topic of interest this year. Listen to what Megan had to say about the topic below:

Being a CBD Expert Matters

You and your brand are the CBD expert. When Megan is doing her research, she's looking for industry experts to quote in her stories. What makes an expert? Listen below:

Why your digital footprint is important

If your brand doesn't have a strong digital presence online or on social media, you don't exist to Megan. Learn how to make a digital impact so you're the expert to call when Megan wants to talk cannabis:

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