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Build Brand Protection PR™ with Insider Media Relations™

Establishing relationships with members of the media is a fundamental part of Brand Protection PR™ for your CBD business! In fact, Kristen Nichols with Hemp Industry Daily was kind enough to share firsthand how you can establish those relationships! While you cannot make claims about your products, members of the media can tell their readers about users experiences, lending credibility to your brand and helping build trust with your stakeholders. Remember, media coverage isn’t advertising for your CBD brand, but it’s an invaluable part of building your credibility and raising your brand’s profile.

Be sure to download Kristen’s reporter-approved M&C’s Insider Media Relations™ one-sheet to learn how to build relationships with reporters on Twitter. Learn how here!

You can listen to Move the Stairs Brand Protection PR™ conversation each week as a podcast! Find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.


What do reporters want from you?

*Ring, ring, ring*


“Hi, this is Kristen Nichols from Hemp Industry Daily, do you have a minute to talk about…?”

As a CBD business owner who’s had little-to-no experience interacting with media, it’s perfectly normal to get butterflies in the pit of your stomach in the face of this scenario.

But wait! You can handle this! Every time the media calls you, it’s an opportunity! Right, Kristen?

“It’s an opportunity for you to get your message out. Think of it as free advertising that just fell into your lap! Someone wants to put the name of your company out there for more people to learn about you and that’s a good opportunity to share the good news about what it is you’re doing!” - Kristen Nichols

Strategies and Best Practices for Engaging with Reporters

In 2021, traditional media reporters work hard. They often cover more than one story per day on a myriad of topics. So, getting their attention might seem difficult. Or, is it?

“Every single editor out there is constantly yelling at their reporters to find ‘real people.’ They don’t want to hear from academics or government officials, they want real people and if you’re a CBD business owner, that is you!” Kristen goes on to say, “How you are affected by the news is exactly what journalists are looking for.” - Kristen Nichols

Twitter is the most powerful way to reach journalists directly. Liking, commenting, sharing their stories and offering feedback are all ways to engage with a journalist well before you pitch them about what’s happening at your farm or your storefront.

CBD trends you need to know about

We asked Kristen about the trends that are going to be most impactful to CBD now, the rest of the year and even next year! Check out some of what she mentioned below.

  • Pay attention to what happens (or doesn’t) in Congress surrounding cannabis reform

  • Watch for changes unfolding at the FDA. When will a director be announced?

  • Follow the election cycle and how elected officials may impact the industry

Kristen’s vast experience in reporting makes this interview a MUST LISTEN for CBD business owners who aspire to build Brand Protection PR™ by leveraging media relationships and building thought leadership in the CBD space.

If you want to dive even deeper into the conversation, watch the raw video from our podcast record below!


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