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Should I start a podcast as part of my CBD Brand Protection PR™ Plan?

It is March in the Colorado Rockies and we are preparing for 4+ feet of snow over the weekend. Not quite time to start Spring planting but if you are someone who prepares in the Fall, the snowstorm is welcome and will produce beautiful mountain flowers in June.

It is the same with your business, plant the seeds of success and consider all different types of seeds. You won’t have instant gratification, but long-term you will be able to weather the storms and harvest your audience. And, make sure you do so using the 4 C's of communications!

You can listen to Move the Stairs CBD Brand Protection PR™ conversation each week as a podcast! Find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

Planting the Seeds of CBD Brand Protection PR

Podcasts are a great opportunity to take your Brand Protection PR garden to the next level. We talked with Periodic Caramels and Periodic owner, Wayne Schwind who is also the producer and host of the Periodic Effects podcast about why he takes the time from his hectic weeks managing his growing CBD caramel business to produce the podcasts.

“For us, it was about how to build an audience that knew us directly and (knew) that we owned that platform. Social media is great but you can lose your audience when they change the algorithm. We also bootstrap funded our company so it was important to look at what marketing tactic was the lowest cost to get us started,” said Wayne.

How to start a podcast with no audience?

Edison and Triton research tells us 37% of Americans (more than 100 million) a month listened to podcasts in 2020. The increase in listenership is up 54% in 3 years. So, it is clear, people are listening but how do you get them to listen to your podcast and how long will it take to build an audience?

One tactic that M&C uses for the Move the Stairs podcast is to present our weekly shows live on Facebook and LinkedIn, we then edit the Vlog into a podcast. We then create digital ads to push to the podcast. We also make sure to ask for reviews on all the main podcasting platforms.

As far as listeners, we have heard many podcast producers/hosts say that it takes a year of consistent production before you start to see an impact.

Is podcasting worth it?

Wayne says, “I think this (podcasting) is the easiest marketing that requires the least amount of time for any business owner. It started slow but after 3 years we have 1500-1800 listeners.”

It takes a good 2-3 hours of preparation to produce an interesting and informative podcast but here are some of the benefits, especially for CBD owners.

  1. Educating, informing, and entertaining the public you are building your thought leadership

  2. Interviewing other thought leaders and potential clients you are building your network and business

  3. Engaging your listeners on a consistent basis will lead to more sales and increase customer loyalty.

Like anything you plant, the first year the seeds sleep and you get some scattered results. As the years progress your CBD Brand Protection PR garden will grow and the benefits will increase exponentially but it will take consistent care, feeding and attention to have the best results.

You can watch the entire recap of our conversation with Wayne here:


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