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Build your thought leadership by educating your consumers on new CBD tech

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

It’s time to put some Spring into your Brand Protection PR Plan by learning, then educating your customers on the brave new world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies like the new Greenheart CBD token from GreenheartCBD. Don't forget to grab your free downloadable as well to supercharge your thought leadership as well!

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New CBD technology is already here: blockchain

When I first heard about blockchain, I'll be honest, my eyes glazed over. Then, I read an analogy that helped me understand the core concept and value of this new technology. All it takes is a pen and paper! In the old days, transactions were all recorded on a ledger sheet. Blockchain works the same way except, it’s all digital!

Let's say someone buys a bottle of Greenheart CBD oil. Through blockchain technology, the consumer will have access to every transaction surrounding their product from seed all the way to oil! Here's how it works"

  1. The first block in the chain is the seed purchase by the farmer, then the transaction between the hemp farmer and the producer, followed by the producer to the distributor. In the old days, this would all be written on a ledger sheet. Not anymore!

  2. Now, rename the ledger sheets and call them blocks (as in blocks of information). Each block will have a unique code, called a hash. The hash from the first block is written at the top of the next block, and so on and so forth.

  3. These codes all link together creating a chain of information, a blockchain!

If an unauthorized change is made on the entry of any block in the chain, the code automatically changes and everyone with access to the chain is contacted. This level of transparency from seed all the way to product ensures the authenticity of the growing, manufacturing and eventually selling practice of the CBD product.

New CBD technology is already here: cryptocurrency

What about cryptocurrency? Think about Greenheart's CBD Token. This cryptocurrency functions no differently than a token at Chuck E. Cheese or an arcade. People can use these tokens to play the games of their choosing. It’s no different with the Greenheart Token, except users can buy CBD products.

Paul Walsh, Co-Founder of GreenTech Holdings and Greenheart CBD says, “The Greenheart CBD Token allows a customer to get the biggest discounts. By having the token in your (electronic) wallet you can receive interest. It gives you access to partner products too, like tickets to the World CBD Awards. You can adapt it to so many things. It becomes an extra arm in your marketing plan.”

Grow thought leadership through education

When you educate your clients on what is up and coming in the CBD industry, you grow your thought leadership. Your clients gaining an understanding that you are an expert in the cutting-edge of the CBD industry builds credibility, loyalty, and BRAND PROTECTION PR!

Learn about what is coming, share your knowledge and watch your Brand Protection PR™ grow!

You can watch the whole conversation here:


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