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How podcasts can power your cannabis business outreach!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Marketing any kind of cannabis product is challenging, whether it's hemp or marijuana-based. That's forced many companies to get creative with how they represent their brand and their products.

Our latest guest on the Move the Stairs Podcast, Editor-in-Chief of online cannabis publication Green Entrepreneur and host of the Green Entrepreneur podcast Jonathan Small, is a podcasting guru! Jon shares expert insights into what he looks for when searching for his next podcast guest and why appearing on podcasts can benefit your cannabis brand.

By the way, you can listen to the entire Move the Stairs podcast here, or watch it here. But if you're in a hurry and want to jump right to the top insights, we've broken them down for you below.


Get real about your cannabis brand

No podcast host is going to invite you to their show just to sell your products. Be prepared to talk about how your cannabis brand has gotten to where it is today and what obstacles you overcame. Be authentic, relatable, and transparent about your brand and your business- that's what listeners want to hear. Take a listen to this nugget of great information on how to connect with podcast listeners:

What makes a good CBD business story?

You've undoubtedly seen the Spongebob GIF, "nobody cares." If not, now you have. It's your job or your PR agency's job to find a reason to

make people care. Journalists tell us time and time again that they do not appreciate receiving emails from agencies or companies touting CBD's health and wellness benefits- that's old news and they're in the new news business. So, what makes a good story? Find out what Jon thinks makes a great story in the clip below (and if you still need help, call us!)

CBD is still the Wild, Wild West..... for now

Being savvy to trends in the cannabis industry is a great way to build resilience with your company. Jon says he's noticing what was once (and technically still is) a largely unregulated industry now has consumers who know more than ever, which means CBD companies need to step up their game to build customer loyalty. Take a listen:

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