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What do we know about cannabis and its impacts on pets?

Through our powerful digital listening software, Meltwater, we get daily digest reports about the happenings in the world of CBD, medical marijuana and hemp. From groundbreaking research to fascinating stories we see it all. One thing we noticed we weren't seeing much of was how cannabinoids were being used in association with pets. That's because there's not nearly as much research that's been done on how it impacts our four-legged friends compared to humans.

To dig deeper, we reached out to fellow U.S. Hemp Roundtable member Veterinary Cannabis Society for more information. From there, we connected with Co-Founder Charles Lozow, who has a wealth of legal knowledge due to his background in pharmaceutical litigation. Our lengthy conversation spans roughly 45-minutes but can be broken down into 3 key elements:

  • What evidence exists about how specific cannabinoids can impact cats and dogs, why pet owners will likely have a negative outcome if dosing with human-intended products and how businesses can grow their brand loyalty with pet owners by simply listening.

  • How business owners and the press can come together as a single unit to examine the facts behind cannabis and pets before reporting.

  • Why market saturation and compliance remain some of the largest challenges regardless of the language in the 2023 Farm Bill.

You can listen to the whole 30-minute conversation on the Move the Stairs™ podcast with Charles here. Or, get right to it with Charles's top three Move the Stairs™ takeaways:


Move the Stairs Moment 1: Effective communication about how cannabis impacts pets can build brand loyalty

Cannabis is NOT a miracle plant. It's not a panacea and thusly that point must be addressed to pet owners who may be thinking otherwise. As Charles points out, listening to an owner and directly addressing their pet's issues and concerns is the best way to gain trust when reviewing a medicinal cannabis

Move the Stairs Moment 2: Work with the press to ensure they understand the story you're telling

At M&C Communications, we're all former journalists. We understand the issue of shrinking newsrooms and payrolls in addition to the increase in journalists' workloads. Charles invites any journalist actively working on a piece involving cannabis and pets or who covers the beat to join them on VCS's next coffee roundtable.

Move the Stairs Moment 3: Turn the oversaturation of pet cannabis and compliance into an opportunity

Charles pointed out 3 challenges that pet cannabis companies are likely to face, regardless of the 2023 Far Bill, saturation, compliance and creating a safe and efficacious product for clients. Tap and listen.

Want more? Subscribing to the Move the Stairs podcast is easy! It's free and available on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon! For all others, just search "Move the Stairs!" If you like the content you hear, please leave us a rating or a review.


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